Fire Department


** RFP for Fire Station Design

 Have a Fire?  Call 911,        Wires Down? Call 911

Need a Burning Permit?  Call Chief Klug (269) 921-2877  if the Chief is unavailable please follow this chain of command:  Guy Tollas – 422-1424, Jeff Gaul – (269) 876-8416, David Zordell – Work 422-1674 or home 465-6275, Doug deBest – (269) 759-4848

The Baroda Fire Department is a volunteer fire department.  We are proud of the men and women on the Fire Department who spend many hours per month training on equipment and learning the latest technology and methods of fighting fires. If you are interested in serving your community by becoming a firefighter,  please contact Chief Klug, Doug deBest, or pick up an application and information at the Baroda Township office.


  1. Andrew Adkin
  2. Chris Burch
  3. Kevin Burkhard
  4. John Chvila, Auxiliary Member
  5. Anthony Cochran
  6. David Davis
  7. Doug deBest, Captain – Training Officer
  8. Jeff Gaul, Captain
  9. Patrick Hanlin
  10. Rich Herrman, Secretary, Auxiliary Mamber
  11. Donnie Johnson
  12. Larry Klug, Fire Chief
  13. Brian Kordansky
  14. Christian Nitz
  15. Todd Nitz, Lieutenant – Safety Officer
  16. Adam Prosser
  17. Sarah Schmaltz
  18. Guy Tollas, Assistant Chief
  19. Alan Weich
  20. David Zordell, Lieuitenant

Open Burning Ordinance          Volunteer Firefighter Application

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