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The Baroda Fire Department is a volunteer fire department.  We are proud of the men and women on the Fire Department who spend many hours per month training on equipment and learning the latest technology and methods of fighting fires. If you are interested in serving your community by becoming a firefighter,  please contact Fire Chief Jeff Gaul, or pick up an application and information at the Baroda Township office. You may also access the application on the link below.

The Baroda Firemen’s Association hosts the Baroda Fireworks each July 3rd.  Your generous donations and the support of community and Police Departments make it all possible.

Baroda’s Firefighters  Our Hero’s

Jeff Gaul -Fire Chief

Chris Burch – Assistant Chief/Training officer

Donnie Johnson – Captain

Sarah Henderson – Lieutenant

Kevin Burkhard – Engineer

Thomas Guidice – Safety Officer/Records officer

Joel Arbanas – Equipment Specialist

Jessica Walker – Firefighter

Ric Hoffman – Firefighter

David Davis – Firefighter

Matt Johnson – Firefighter

Alex Wilson – Trainee

Brendon Ragsdale – Trainee

Audra Johnson – Auxiliary

Collin Olmstead – Auxiliary

Becky Seely – Auxiliary

Open Burning Ordinance          Volunteer Firefighter Application   

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