Baroda Township has Hinman Cemetery on Hills Road and the Ruggles Cemetery on Stevensville Baroda Rd.  Hinman Cemetery  has very few sites available for sale.  Ruggles Cemetery has many sites available and room for expansion.  The clean-up dates for the Cemeteries is each April First and  October 15th.  Please remove all decorations by these dates. Decorations my be placed on grave sites after April 5th and October 20th.  Please do not plant in the area behind the headstone, as that belongs to the adjacent lot.  Burial plots are $200 each for Township residents and $700 for non-residents.

FULL BURIALS                        Weekdays             Saturdays           Sundays & Holidays

Township Resident                250.00             325.00             400.00

Non Residents                        600.00             800.00          1,000.00

Infants                                        50.00                50.00               50.00


Township Residents                100.00            150.00             200.00

Non-Resident                           200.00            300.00             400.00