Minutes of the Baroda Township Board Meetings

2017  January    February    March     April     May     June     July     August     September    October    November    December     Jan Budget Workshop   Feb Budget Workshop  July Village-Township Combined Public Hearing and Meeting
2018 January  February   March  18Mar6SpecMtgInsurance  April   May  18May7SpecMtgMin     June   July       August     September  October  November December
2019          January   February   March    April  May   June July1Special Meeting     August    September   October   November  December  December2SpecialMeeting  December SpecialMeeting
2020  January  February  March   April    May     June     July    August      September  October     November  NovSpecial Meeting  NOV24SpecialMeeting  December
2021  Jan6SpecialJanuary   February February 23 March 2 BudgetWkShopsMin  March11Baroda Township Budget Workshop   March15TwpBDMinPubHearingBudget   March25SpecialTwpBdMin  April   May   June    July   August    September October   OctoberSpecialTwpBoardMeeting November    December
2022  Jan13thBudgetWkShopsMin       Jan20thBudgetWkShopsMin      Feb17BudgetWkShopsMin     January  March3BudgetWkShopsMin     February   March    April  2022May4SpecialMeeting June  2022June28SpecialMeeting    July   August   September 2022Oct3SpecialMeeting    October    November     December
2023  January    Budget Workshop 2 15 23   Budget Workshop 1 23 23   Budget Workshop 1 12 23

Minutes of the Baroda Township Planning Commission

2017   January   February    March   April    May    June    August    September     October
November  December
2018 January  February   March   April   May   June    July    August     September
October  November        December
2019  January        February        March meeting cancelled      April       May      June       July
August   September   October    November   December
2020 January   February     March    June    August  
Planning Commission Meetings that were cancelled  in 2020 April, May, July, September, October, November
Planning Commission Meetings that were cancelled in 2021 so far are January, February  
2021 March   April  May  June    July August Meeting Cancelled  September  October   November  December
2022 January  February      March16PublicHearing   April1 May   June    July     August   Sept12PublicHearingMinutes(1)  October   November     December No Meeting

Minutes of the Baroda Fire Board

2017     January     April     July    October
2018  January     April     July  October    
2019  January    April     July  
2020  January    June
2021  January     April  July   October
2022  January  April  July   October  December

Minutes of the Baroda-Lake Police Board

2017   January    March   
2018  January  March  May       July      September   November
2019  January   March    May   July  September  November
2020  January   March    May    September   November  
2020 Meetings that were cancelled for Police Board July 2020
2021   January  March   May   SeptemberMinutes – Baroda-Lake Police Board – Special Meeting – 02.19.2021Minutes – Baroda-Lake Police Board – Special Meeting – 04.21.2021Minutes – Baroda-Lake Police Board – Special Meeting – 08.03.2021   Minutes – Police Board Meeting – 12.14.2021
2022  January          March        May    September