The Baroda Voting Precinct is located at the Baroda American Legion Hall Post 345, 9214 First St. 

Baroda Township and Village elections are administered by the Baroda Township Clerk.

Clerk- Christina Price Office Hours Monday – Thursday 6am-12pm and then by appointment. Please contact her by email Barodaclerk@gmail.com, Office 269.422.2300 or Cell 574.386.2321.

Register to Vote – If you live in Baroda Township or the Village of Baroda you may register to vote at the Township Clerk’s office or print and complete the form here  Michigan Voter Registration Form.  The form may be mailed, e-mailed, or personally delivered to the Township clerk  for processing.  Voters must provide their driver’s license when registering.

Absent Voting – An Absent Voter application may be requested from the Township Clerk’s office. Applications are returned to the Clerk for the processing and issuing of a ballot.  The Clerk will hold 8 hours in office between Saturday and Sunday immediately before the election.

Permanent Absent Voter List – To request to be placed on the Permanent Absent Voter list, please print and complete the form at the link below and deliver to the Baroda Township Clerk. You will automatically be sent an absent voter application for each election.  Permanent Absent Voter Request.

Would you be interested in becoming an Election inspector?  These are the nice people who work behind the tables on election day.  You are paid to attend training every two years and to learn the easy E-Pollbook computer program.  You would earn over $100 each election day and be provided with lunch, dinner and snacks.  Applications may be submitted to the Township Clerk. Election Inspector Application