Building, Planning and Zoning


Building Official  – Ross Rogien (269) 277-8573

Electrical Inspector –  Ken Simpson (269) 471-5869

Mechanical and Plumbing Inspector  – John Dobberteen (269) 625-764

Applications may be submitted with payment (checks made to Baroda Township) to the Baroda Township Clerk at 9091 First St., P.O. Box 215 Baroda, MI 49101

Building Permit Application               Building Permit Fee Schedule                                             A zoning permit may also be required.

Electrical Permit Application

Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Zoning Permit Application

Special Land Use Application         Special Land Use Application Procedure                       Applications for all other zoning related requests are available at the Township office.


Baroda Township Planning Commissioners – Chairman – David Schultz, Vice Chairman – Peter Van Vooren, Secretary – Wendie Shafer, Patrick Freehling, Ed Heyn, Dean Schmaltz, and Tom Shafer.

The Planning Commission meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Baroda Municipal Building.  Baroda Residents and interested parties are invited to attend these open meetings.

Township Master Plan   2017-18 Master Plan Update    5-Year Capital Improvements Plan


Zoning Administrator – Jim Pheifer (269) 757-1982

Zoning Ordinance                   Zoning Map